Michael Reese Hospital, Chicago, IL

Sasaki and Collins Designed Landscape Destroyed

In advance of the 2016 Olympic Committee’s final announcement for a host city, the City of Chicago has moved forward with plans to demolish the Michael Reese Hospital Campus on Chicago’s South Side. The community parks areas of the campus have been clear cut, with the exception of only a few trees, and all ground plantings, including shrubs, flowers, and ground cover, has been scraped from the site.

The landscapes at Michael Reese were designed by Hideo Sasaki (of Sasaki + Novak, later Sasaki Walker), and Lester Collins, two of America’s premiere landscape architects. The landscape designers both worked closely with Walter Gropius and his associates at The Architects Collaborative to develop the campus as a fully-organic landscape design.

While the City continues to move forward with demolition plans, it has yet to present plans for redevelopment of the site.

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Images courtesy Grahm Mathew Balkany