What's Out There Weekends

What's Out There Weekend Rhinebeck & the Mid-Hudson Valley

Rhinebeck, NY

What’s Out There Weekend (WOTW) Mid-Hudson Valley will illuminate the unique landscape legacy and local character of the region evidenced by its publicly accessible parks, estates, gardens, cemeteries, campuses, and neighborhoods. Linked by the tidal Hudson River, the region long supported the cultural lifeways of the native Lenni Lenape peoples up until the Revolutionary War. The Mid-Hudson Valley boasts a range of natural resources, and has provided inspiration to myriad designers, artists, and writers over two centuries. Its many extant estates, historic sites, public parks and gardens, and cultural institutions reflect the distinct regional design tradition pioneered by innovators such as Andrew Jackson Downing, Alexander Jackson Davis, and André Parmentier.

Working in collaboration with local partners, TCLF will make visible and instill value in the places that make the region unique, and engage the public to promote their sustained stewardship. WOTW Mid-Hudson Valley will engage a large and diverse audience (typically 1,000+), offering two days of free, expert-led tours of 25 to 30 sites, encouraging participants to discover the little-known design history of places they may pass every day.