Dumbarton Oaks Conservancy Reaches New Milestone


Dumbarton Oaks Conservancy Reaches New Milestone

Dumbarton Oaks Conservancy Reaches New Milestone
Feb 01, 2019

The Dumbarton Oaks Conservancy is now actively seeking an executive director to lead the organization in advancing and promoting Dumbarton Oaks Park and its mission. The position is set to begin in July 2019.

Lindsey Milstein, who has long performed the duties of an executive director pro bono, will transition away from that role but will continue as a leader of the board of directors. Milstein will be joined in that capacity by Elizabeth ‘Liza’ Gilbert, who will begin her term as co-chair of the conservancy in the coming months.  

The search for an executive director marks an important step forward for Dumbarton Oaks Park, which TCLF enrolled as an at-risk landscape in its Landslide program in 2006; it also adds another item to the long list of accomplishments the conservancy has achieved in recent years.

Dumbarton Oaks Park, Washington, DC - Photo by Amanda Shull, 2012