Brookview, Fort Wayne, IN

Fort Wayne,


United States



Designed by Boston-based landscape architect Arthur Shurcliff, this garden suburb was commissioned by the Wildwood Company in 1917. The neighborhood, one of the earliest planned subdivisions in Fort Wayne and one of three designed by Shurcliff, was part of a development boom that followed the design of the Fort Wayne Park and Boulevard system by George Kessler in 1911. It is bisected by Spy Run Creek and is also defined by three central avenues which are part of the Park and Boulevard plan. State Boulevard runs east to west through the neighborhood, crossing the creek, while curvilinear Westbrook and Eastbrook Drives run north to south abutting Brookview Parkway, a long slender park that runs along both banks of the creek. Shurcliff’s naturalistic design uses the creek and hilly topography to create a picturesque setting for homes facing the water and the park, taking full advantage of scenic views and vistas. Planned park areas - including Vesey Park and Franke Park - are integrated into the neighborhood. Brookview was listed on the National Register of Historic Places as part of the Brookview-Irvington Park Historic District in 2011. State Boulevard is also listed as part of the Fort Wayne Park and Boulevard designation.

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