Miller Garden
1940 - 2004

Office of Dan Kiley

The Office of Dan Kiley represents the beginning and ending stages of Kiley’s long and productive career. Between these periods he partnered with Ian Tyndall and Peter Ker Walker for eight years, then Peter Ker Walker alone for almost ten years more.

During World War II Kiley served in Europe, where he was deeply influenced by the work of André Le Nôtre. After the war he established the Office of Dan Kiley in New Hampshire, later moving it to Charlotte, Vermont. Between 1946 and 1971, Kiley practiced extensively as both an architect and a landscape architect, working on residential,  corporate, and institutional projects, with occasional campus- and site-planning commissions. Many of these projects were on the East Coast and in the Midwest and include collaborations with Eero Saarinen (at the Miller Garden and Jefferson National Expansion Memorial) and Kevin Roche John Dinkeloo and Associates (at the Ford Foundation, Oakland Museum of Art, and several Columbus, Indiana, projects.)

Following his partnerships with Tyndall and Walker, Kiley returned to using the Office of Dan Kiley moniker in 1986. This phase of his career includes more international public work in Japan, Belgium, Guam, and Canada, as well as projects across the United States. At this time Kiley also developed numerous designs for competitions and large-scale master plans. Several of Kiley’s most well-know residential commissions were completed in the last years of his career, including those for the Kimmels, Kuskos, and du Ponts. The firm remained active until Kiley’s passing in 2004.