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Named for Francis W. Pettygrove, one of the early owners and developers of the Portland “townsite,” Pettygrove Park is part of the Portland Open Space Sequence, designed by Lawrence Halprin + Associates, Satoru Nishita, partner-in-charge, in the 1960s. The most park-like space in the sequence, the landscape is composed of earth mounds, expanses of lawn, trees, native stone walls and steps, simple asphalt walks, wooden benches, and original globe lighting. Designed to contrast to the exuberant Lovejoy Fountain, this understated, tranquil space is reminiscent of quiet mountain stream valleys. In 1979, the Portland Development Commission inserted Manuel Izquierdo's bronze sculpture and fountain, The Dreamer, into the park. Linked to the Lovejoy Fountain space and the Ira Keller Forecourt Fountain, it offers a verdant respite to the surrounding office buildings and apartments. The Portland Open Space Sequence was listed in the National Register of Historic Places in March 2013.


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